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Jewellry GeniusJewelry. Where Should You Begin? Jewellry Genius Can Help.
If you're in the market to buy jewelry, or we call it, "Jewellry," we know it can be a real challenge understanding all of the different types, not to mention brands, pricing and craftmanship. We recommend researching the piece of jewellry before making a purchase to ensure you buy quality jewellry at the right price and for the right occasion or perfect gift.
Welcome to Jewellry Genius. We are here to help you, the consumer, understand jewellry and how you can purchase diamonds, gemstones, birthstones, rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings with piece of mind.
Ancient Drawing of Jewellry 
Jewellry has been around for a hundred thousand years or better, captivating wearers who wish to adorn themselves with rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets and rings worn upon various places on the body. While all sorts of jewellry certainly appeals to the wearer, it may also be used to decorate our appearance, convey social status, or commemorate things special in our lives. The word jewellery comes from the word juelerie (Middle English) and the word juel the equivalent to the word jewel. It has several forms. In the United States, the spelling is jewelry; in the United Kingdom: jewelery or jewellery with an extra "l" and "e." On Jewellry Genius, we call it "jewellry" to bridge the gap, and well, it's our name! However you wish to spell it, the word jewel originated from the French word, jouel which evolved out of the Latin word for "play thing," jocale.

Costume Jewellry PhotoWhat Makes Up a Piece of Jewellry?

Jewellry comes in many different colors, and this is due to a wide range of metals, types of stones and other materials used in the craft. This has allowed jewelers to manufacture jewelry that is not only appealing but actual art able to convey symbols of meaning, whether it be birthstones or precious metals and gemstones that mark important anniversaries. As you explore JewellryGenius.com, you'll find we delve into types and
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